About Flood Plans

Flood Plans

The OPW has produced an individual Flood Risk Management Plan (Flood Plan) for each of the 29 River Basins that include the 300 communities assessed at being potentially significant flood risk.

The Flood Plans set out the proposed measures for the management of flood risk in the River Basins, focussed on the areas where the risk has been determined as being potentially significant. The proposed measures are those considered the most appropriate and feasible following the detailed assessment and consultation completed to date.

The Flood Plans provide extensive information and analysis to prioritise future investment to where its benefit is greatest.

The Flood Plans propose new flood relief schemes for 122 communities throughout the country which will protect 11,500 properties. Combined with the protection provided by existing schemes and those that are in the process of delivery, the Flood Plans show how it is feasible to protect approximately 95% of properties at risk in the 300 areas that have been assessed.

The preparation of these Flood Plans is a central part of the implementation of Government policy on flood risk management and meets Ireland's obligations under the 2007 EU 'Floods' Directive.

Strategic Environmental Assessments and Appropriate Assessments under the Habitats Directive have been undertaken as appropriate as part of the preparation of the Flood Plans.

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The 29 Flood Plans and all supporting documentation are available to download in our Publications section of this website.

Through our Flood Plans Viewer, users can view a summary of the flood risk management measures as set out in the Plans.

The Flood Plans Viewer allows you to access Flood Plans data through an interactive map search. This facility allows users to navigate to their location of interest by using the location/address search option or by simply zooming in.

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Public Consultation

Public and stakeholder engagement was critical in developing a sustainable, long-term strategy for flood risk management. This is to ensure that flood risk management measures are suitable and appropriate, as well as technically effective; and that they address local community and stakeholder opinions and concerns.

Draft Flood Risk Management Plans were published in 2016 for public consultation and there was an extensive response with constructive and wide-ranging observations provided, which have been reviewed to inform the preparation of the final Flood Plans.

A report is available here Acrobat Logo which describes this public consultation process and summarises the submissions received, and the responses to those submissions.

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Scope of the Plans

The Flood Plans set out a sustainable, long-term strategy to manage the flood risk within each River Basin, focused on the areas of potentially significant flood risk and the sources of flooding giving rise to that risk.

The scope of each Flood Risk Management Plan is:

Spatial Scope The Flood Plans set out the range of policies and measures, which are in place, under development or proposed that contribute to the reduction and management of flood risk throughout the River Basin.

The Plans also set out the viable measures, typically flood relief schemes, proposed to manage and reduce the flood risk in the communities that were identified as being at potentially significant flood risk.
Sources of Flood Risk The measures set out in the Flood Plans address the sources of flooding identified as potentially significant in one or more communities within the area covered by each River Basin Plan.
Level of Detail The Flood Plans set out the measures that are proposed as the most appropriate at this stage of assessment.

The flood relief schemes proposed in the Plans are to an outline design, and are not at this point ready for construction. Further detailed design, consultation and environmental assessment and review of the costs and benefits, will be required for such works before implementation.
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