List of Acronyms

Acronym Definition
AA Appropriate Assessment
AEP Annual Exceedance Probability
AFA Area for Further Assessment
AR5 5th Assessment Report (IPCC)
BCR Benefit - Cost Ratio
CFRAM Catchment-Based Flood Risk Assessment and Management
DHPLG (Formerly DECLG) Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government (Formerly Department of Environment, Community and Local Government)
EIA Environmental Impact Assessment
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
ESB Electricity Supply Board
EU European Union
FRMP Flood Risk Management Plan
FRR Flood Risk Review
HEFS High-End Future Scenario
HPW High Priority Watercourse
INFF Irish National Flood Forum
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IROPI Imperative Reasons of Over-riding Public Interest
MCA Multi-Criteria Analysis
MPW Medium Priority Watercourse
MRFS Mid-Range Future Scenario
NCCAF National Climate Change Adaptation Framework
OPW Office of Public Works
PCD Public Consultation day
RBD River Basin District
RBMP River Basin Management Plan
SAC Special Area of Conservation
SEA Strategic Environmental Assessment
SFRA Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
SI Statutory Instrument
SPA Special Protection Area
SUDS Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems
UoM Unit of Management
PFRA Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment
WFD Water Framework Directive
Updated: 3rd May 2018