Summary of Public Consultation

Local Public Consultation

Three rounds of local consultation at key stages have been the focus of the CFRAM Programme. As well as meeting the public, OPW staff met with elected representatives at around 460 public consultation days (PCDs) in or near each AFA, in addition to two statutory public consultation periods and approximately 300 meetings with state bodies.

2014 – 2015 Local Consultation on Draft Flood Maps The public were asked to consider the draft Flood Maps and provide observations based on their local knowledge and experience with flooding in that area. It was also an opportunity to get some initial local views to identify what were seen as potential solutions for the flood problems in their area and what was locally important to guide the identification of local factors to inform the proposed measure.
2015 – 2016 Local Consultation on Preliminary Flood Risk Management Options The public were asked to consider possible flood risk management options to protect that area from, or to mitigate, its risk from flooding. The input from each of the local communities helped to guide the process of identifying a proposed measure from the range of options available.
2016 Local Consultation on Draft Flood Risk Management Plans The public were asked to consider the draft Flood Risk Management Plan for that area, setting out both the flood risk management measures for the entire area and the draft proposed measure to address the flood risk locally, with associated environmental assessments. Observations received were then analysed to inform the final Flood Plans.

Statutory Public Consultation

Throughout the process there were also two statutory public consultations as follows:

2015 Statutory Consultation on Draft Flood Maps Statutory consultation on the Flood Maps took place from 20 November 2015 to 23 December 2015 inclusive. This provided land and property owners, whose land was within one of the three possible flood extents, the statutory right to lodge a technical objection.

37 objections were lodged against the Flood Maps. Objections on the Flood Maps received through the formal map consultation process have been considered, with a review of the maps through additional survey / re-modelling being undertaken where appropriate.
2016 Statutory Consultation on Draft Flood Risk Management Plans Statutory consultation on the draft Flood Risk Management Plans took place between July and December 2016, for a period of 10 weeks for each AFA.

During the statutory consultations the public and each Local Authority could provide their observations on both the draft Flood Maps and the draft Flood Plans. All observations received have been very constructive and informative and have greatly helped to finalise the final Flood Maps and Flood Plans.

The OPW has also held nearly 300 meetings with key State and non-Governmental bodies as part of the consultative process.