Structural Measures

Delivering Proposed Structural Relief Measures

The structural measures proposed in the Plans will be brought through project-level development that includes local surveys and investigations, project-led environmental assessments, detailed design, further public and stakeholder engagement and a local Public Exhibition or submission for planning approval or confirmation.

The proposed measures will also undergo a further cost benefit analysis following detailed design to ensure the scheme remains feasible. If feasible, their delivery will be the responsibility of the OPW and Local Authorities as follows:

• Major Flood Relief Schemes

These are the proposed structural measures costing in excess of €750,000 and may be implemented by the OPW or funded by the OPW but implemented by a Local Authority.

Delivering new major flood relief measures is being divided into the following two categories to firstly inform allocation of annual budgets against expenditure targets, secondly deliver schemes through a prioritised approach and thirdly deliver schemes in a timely manner:

  • 5 Large Schemes: each costing in excess of €15m
  • 82 Medium Schemes: each costing between €1m and €15m

• Minor Flood Relief Schemes

These are structural measures, each costing less than €1m, where the Local Authorities can implement the measure with OPW funding according to their own priorities. There are measures for 31 communities within this category.