Purpose of Flood Maps

Flood Maps provide valuable information for a range of purposes, including:

Public Awareness

Flood Maps, and in particular flood extent maps and flood depth maps, are intended to inform the public, home owners, business owners, landowners, landlords and tenants about the potential risk of flooding in their areas, including the likely frequency of occurrence and the potential depths of flooding.

Planning & Development Management

The Flood Maps are intended to inform the Spatial Planning processes and to support sustainable planning and development management decisions, in line with the 2009 Guidelines on The Planning System and Flood Risk Management (DECLG/OPW, 2009).

Emergency Response Management

The Flood Maps are intended to aid in Emergency Response Planning and Decision Support, by providing information on areas prone to flooding, the potential depths of flooding and what assets and infrastructure might be at risk in the event of a flood.

Flood Risk Management Decision Support

Flood Maps, and in particular various flood risk maps, are intended to be used as a decision support tool in the identification, planning, development, costing, assessment and prioritisation of flood risk management options, such as flood relief schemes, flood warning systems, public awareness campaigns etc.