Map Data Available

The Flood Maps Viewer provides a visual representation of the following map data.

Predictive Flood Mapping

There is a range of different types of map available to view on this website, including maps showing the predictive flood extent, the flood depths and the potential consequences that could arise in the event of a flood.

There are two levels of predictive flood mapping available as follows:

a) Detailed Flood Maps

Detailed maps show the predicted flood risk for 300 communities / areas (Areas for Further Assessment) around the country. You can find these on the map viewer wherever there are blue rectangular tiles for these areas. You can download a range of PDF maps, showing additional information such as flood depth, indicative number of inhabitants at risk, etc., by clicking on any of the tiles in those areas.

b) Medium Priority Mapping

For rivers that flow between those 300 areas where detailed mapping of predicted flood risk is available, and from these areas down to the sea, there is flood mapping available which is of lower accuracy than the detailed flood maps. This mapping can be viewed on the map viewer wherever you see blue flood outlines, outside of the areas marked by blue rectangular tiles.

Past Flood Events

Parts of the country are outside the areas for which either detailed flood maps or medium priority mapping were prepared as part of the Catchment-based Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) Programme. However, the map viewer does show where past flood events have been reported to the OPW, and specific information, verified by the OPW, is available to view.