Ongoing Surveys

Personnel from O'Donnell Environmental working on behalf of Laois County Council for the Portarlington Flood Relief Scheme, are conducting field surveys for bats. Information from this survey will be used to inform the development of the environmental assessments of the Scheme.

We would be grateful if you could support our survey by granting access to your land or by providing information on any existing constraints.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us through:  


Public Consultation Day 2 - CLOSED

Updates / November, 2023

The second public consultation day was successfully carried out with stakeholders providing useful background information and expressing their views on the options presented. Participants were overall satisfied with the work completed to date, with many participants expressing their support for the project. Participants highlighted an interest in protecting and restoring aspects of the natural environment, which is being taken into consideration as part of the environmental assessments and surveys.


Updates / November 2022

This second Public Consultation Day is held to present the emerging options developed to date and to gather your opinions and concerns to inform the selection of a preferred scheme. All comments received during the Public Consultation Day on the 24th November and through the website will be used by the Project Team to continue to develop the scheme. 

We want to consider all viewpoints in relation to the Scheme and this is your opportunity to take part. A questionnaire will be available for you on the day and if you cannot join us a copy of the questionnaire will be available on this website as well as supporting maps and information. Closing date for consultations and questionnaire submissions is 8th December 2022.



Updates / October, 2023

An Aborist Survey was completed by Holly Arboriculture in October 2023. The survey assesses the constraints posed by, and develops recommendations for the management of arboricultural features (e.g. trees and hedgerows) in the Scheme area.


Updates / June, 2023

A Preliminary Ecological Assessment survey has been completed by APEM Ltd. This survey captures all habitats, protected species and invasive species in the study area and helps us to determine any potential impacts which will feed into the development of the environmental assessments of the Scheme.


Updates / February, 2023

Drone and Detailed Topographical surveys and an Asset Condition Survey was completed to assess whether existing structures could be integrated to the preferred Scheme.

A Property Title Survey was carried out to identify all relevant landowners who may be affected by the works. 


Updates / November, 2022

Detailed environmental and ecological surveys have been completed. CCTV surveys took place along with an extensive topographical survey. Scoping for Geotechnical Investigation (GI) survey is also progressing.

An asset condition survey has been carried out. This Survey will inform development, costing and appraisal of the scheme. We are in contact with utility providers in order to locate their services, which will help the option development process.


Updates / July 12, 2022

CCTV surveys are ongoing. Input from Topographical and Geotechnical Investigation (GI) Surveys will be also required at a later stage of the Project. GI Surveys are intrusive and are required to help understand the geology and groundwater of the Study Area. Currently, the Consultants’ teams are progressing with the GI and additional topographical scope.


Updates / December 2020

The Project Team is currently working on acquiring the most up-to-date, reliable and valid information to inform the basis of design. Gaps in this will be filled by undertaking the appropriate surveys, with work commencing on this in the near future.


Environmental Assessment

Updates / May, 2023

Potential for Bat Roosting, Floating River Vegetation and Snail Surveys were undertaken. These surveys form part of the additional information for environmental constraints that the project shall consider. 


Updates / July 12, 2022

Detailed environmental and ecological surveys are scheduled to complete in early Autumn, with focus on the ones with critical seasonality.


Public Consultation Day 1 - CLOSED

Updates/ July 12, 2022

The first public consultation event was successfully undertaken despite the Covid-19 constraints. A second Public Information Day will be held once an emerging preferred scheme has been identified. The specifics for this Public Information Day will be advised in due course.


December 2020

A date for the first Public Engagement Event will be released in due course. This event shall allow for a consultation on the emerging scheme options.

Please note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions, measures are currently being assessed as to the options for Public Consultation Day 1, with the possibility of these events being held virtually (online) to counter the effect of travel restrictions and limits on group numbers. Please review this page regularly for updates.


Project Newsletter

January 2021

A project newsletter is now available under the 'Newsletter' header below and will be updated approximately every 3 months. It will be available under the NEWS button, and will provide information on recent activities undertaken, upcoming activities and other relevant information.


Binnies (Black & Veatch)

February 2021

During January, RSK Group acquired Black & Veatch UK & Europe water divisions and rebranded BV as 'Binnies'. The only changes have been the parent company, and the name - all project functions, staff, work locations and resources remain the same to ensure a smooth delivery of existing projects.



A project newsletter will be uploaded approximately every three months, providing information on recent activities undertaken, upcoming activities and other relevant information.



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