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Binnies/NOD are currently scoping additional surveys such as environmental surveys, topographical surveys and site investigation works to ensure there is adequate data to develop the scheme design. Once scoping is complete, the appointment of specialist survey contractors will be made to complete the task.


Environmental Assessment

Work will continue on the scoping of environmental surveys, with a priority given to winter surveys. In parallel an environmental impact scoping assessment, environmental constraints survey and Invasive Species Management Plan will be progressed.


Coastal & River Modelling

Existing models are currently being reviewed, assessed and checked against previous flood events to understand how the area reacts to weather events. We will use the information collected through the surveys and data collection to update the models and inform the schemes design.


Public Information Day

A first, opening Public Information Day shall be held where it is proposed to consult on the emerging scheme options. A second Public Information Day will be held once a preferred scheme has been identified and agreed with the steering group.

Please note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions, measures are currently being assessed as to the options for Public Engagement, with the possibility of these events being held virtually, online to counter the effect of travel restrictions and group number limits. Please review this page regularly for current updates.



A project newsletter will be uploaded periodically, providing information on recent activities undertaken, upcoming activities and other relevant information. The newsletter will be issued to interested parties and will be available to view and download from the below links.


01. Newsletter - February 2021


Newsletter 1 is now available and provides the first project update, information on the background of the study, what stage the study is at, an outline of the scheme programme and the next steps for the project.


02. Newsletter - September 2021


Newsletter 2 is now available and provides the second project update, information on the background of the study, what stage the study is at, an outline of the scheme programme and the next steps for the project.



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