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Public Consultation Event #1 (18th November 2021 to 17th December 2021)

To view the posters displayed during this Opening Public Consultation Event please click here

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Project Area

The project area encompasses the City of Limerick and selected environs situated in both counties Limerick and Clare please refer to the map below.  
The scheme area is broken into three subareas:
Subarea 1 – Annacotty (SA1)
Annacotty forms part of the overall scheme area but requires distinct treatment, consideration is being taken to progress Annacotty in parallel with the remainder of the scheme for faster delivery time.
Subarea 2 – Kings Island (SA2)
The Kings Island Flood Relief Scheme (KIFRS) is currently underway as a separate project to the Limerick City and Environs Flood Relief Scheme. Compatibility between the two schemes is required to ensure a better outcome for all stakeholders.
Subarea 3 – City Centre Public Realm

Project Area

The development of public realm assets will form a major part of the scheme. It will aim to maximise opportunities for public space & landscape development, and improvements to the riverside adjacent to flood defences.
The City Centre Public Realm forms part of the overall scheme area and is broken into 10 zones:
Zone 1: Steamboat Quay
Zone 2: Shannon Bridge to Sarsfield Bridge
Zone 3: Honan’s Quay
Zone 4: Arthur’s Quay
Zone 5: Custom House Quay
Zone 7: King John’s Castle
Zone 8: Brown’s Quay / New Road
Zone 9: Clancy Strand
Zone 10: O’ Callaghan Strand

Each zone is shown on the map below.


Project Area


Postal address:  Limerick City and Environs Flood Relief Scheme  Project Manager - RPS Consulting Engineers, Innishmore, Ballincollig, Co. Cork P31 KR68, Ireland,

Telephone: (021) 4665900



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