Hydrology and Hydraulics Reports Available


November 2022


The Midleton Flood Relied Scheme Hydrology and Hydraulics Reports have been made publicly available and are available to view on the project website.


The scope of the Hydrological Study includes:

  • Review of the hydrological analysis undertaken for the Lee CFRAM Study;
  • Review of the available records of historic flooding in the study area in order to inform the selection of design flows;
  • Review and update of the stage-discharge relationship at Ballyedmond station;
  • Review of data recordings of IDL gauges at Pitch & Putt and Shanty Bridge;
  • Estimate of flood flows and hydrograph shapes at key locations in the study area for the design flood events using a range of methodologies including the Flood Studies Report, Flood Studies Update etc.;
  • Production of a hydrology report which presents the key findings of the study

The scope of the Hydraulics Study includes:

  • Review of the hydraulic modelling undertaken as part of the Lee CFRAM Study;
  • Development of a dynamic 1D/2D hydraulic model of all the relevant watercourses and associated floodplains in Midleton;
  • Calibration of the hydraulic model against historic flood events (December 2015, April 2018 and December 2018);
  • Simulation of a range of combined fluvial/tidal design flood events for the current scenario for both fluvially dominant and tidally dominant scenarios. The Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) events considered are: 50%, 20%, 10%, 4%, 2%, 1%, 0.5% and 0.1%. Ground water flood risk and Pluvial flood risk were also assessed as part of the project;
  • Production of flood maps for Midleton which integrate fluvial, tidal and pluvial flooding for both the existing and climate change scenario;
  • Production of a hydraulics report which presents the key findings of the study


The reports and associated appendices are available here.






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