King's Island Flood Relief Scheme

King’s Island lies in the heart of Limerick City and is surrounded by the waters of the River Shannon and the Abbey River. Both rivers are tidal at this location and the island is susceptible to both coastal and fluvial flood risk.  Very significant flooding occurred in spring 2014 when the existing defences failed locally, both overtopping and through breach, allowing flood waters onto the Island and surrounding areas.

Major improvements to the flood defences are required to try to prevent re-occurrences of such flood events. With this in mind, Limerick City and County Council have appointed Arup to assess, develop and design a viable, cost-effective and sustainable flood relief scheme which aims to minimise risk to the existing community, social amenity, environment and landscape character.

This website has been set up to provide information to anyone who is interested in the scheme and to keep you informed of the project's progress.


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