Environmental Assessment

Following recent legislative changes, the original Environmental Impact Statement (which formed part of the Exhibition documentation), has been updated to an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR). This report was submitted to the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform (M/PER) as a critical part of the scheme Confirmation documentation. As required by SI No. 472 of 2019 - European Union (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Arterial Drainage) Regulations 2019, the M/PER, as consent authority for the scheme, will carry out a full Environmental Impact Assessment of the scheme including a public consultation, to assess and form a reasonable conclusion on the significant effects, if any, of the scheme on the environment.

A Natura Impact Statement (NIS) has also been prepared to ascertain if the scheme could significantly impact on the integrity of any site designated for conservation (Natura 2000 site).  The NIS also proposes measures to mitigate any  potential adverse impacts of the scheme. The NIS was also submitted as part of the Confirmation documentation and the M/PER will carry out an appropriate assessment, including public consultation, of the impact of the scheme on a Natura 2000 site.

The construction of the Scheme will result in a significant benefit to the community in protecting against flooding.  The EIAR/NIS indicate that no significant environmental impact will result from the Scheme.  The Contractor (OPW direct labour) will be required to prepare for the works carefully, and put in place works proposals and methodologies which ensure minimal damage to the environment and minimal nuisance during the construction works.  A traffic management plan will be prepared for each phase of works, where required, to ensure the disruption to the area is kept to a minimum.

EIAR Appendices

2A Scoping Replies

2B Constraints Study Part 1 Cover page - page 13

2B Constraints Study Part 2 pages 14 - 36

2B Constraints Study Part 3 pages 37 - 58

2B Constraints Study Part 4 pages 59 - 80

2B Constraints Study Part 5 Appendix A

2B Constraints Study Part 6 Appendices B,C and D

2B Constraints Study Part 7 Appendices E,F and G

2B Constraints Study Part 8 Appendix H

2C Public Information Day Brochure

2D Information Day Questionnaire

2E Exhibition Posters

2F Scoping Consultee List

2G OPW Crossmolina EIA Scoping Document July 2014

2G OPW Crossmolina EIA Scoping Document December 2017

2H Scoping Replies

3A Cover, Index & L01-L04

3A Sections 1&2

3A Section 3

3A Sections 4&5

3A Channel Codes 1&2

3A Channel Code 3

3A Access Route

3A Restrictions

3A Washlands 1-3

3A Benefitting Lands BL01-BL02


3B Construction Stage Drawings

3C Outline CEMP

5A Woodland Assessment

5B Pearl Mussel Survey Report

5C Fisheries Habitat Report

5D Mapping of Fresh Water Pearl Mussel

5E Marsh Releve

5G Bird Survey Data

5H Washlands and Benefitting Lands

6A Bedrock Geology

6B Quarry Location

6C Subsoils Mapping

7A Hydrogeology Part 1

7A Hydrogeology Part 2

7B Estimated Contribution Area to Mullenmore Spring

7C Bed Sediment

9A Photomontage Booklet Part 1 Cover pg - View 2

9A Photomontage Booklet Part 2 View 3 and 4

9A Photomontage Booklet Part 3 View 5

9A Photomontage Booklet Part 4 View 6

9A Photomontage Booklet Part 5 View 7 and 8

10A Archaeological Photographic Record

11A Existing Services

EIAR Addendum
River Deel (Crossmolina) Drainage Scheme EIAR Addendum

River Deel (Crossmolina) Drainage Scheme EIAR Addendum Errata
























NIS Addendum
River Deel (Crossmolina) Drainage Scheme NIS Addendum




























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