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The Study Area (Lee Sub-catchment) encompasses the Town of Tralee and selected environs and contains the:

  • Lengths of river channel / watercourse/estuary that have hydraulic influence on the area intended to benefit from, and be protected by, any feasible scheme.
  • Full hydrological catchment areas draining to the downstream ends of those river channels/watercourses.
  • Areas that require environmental assessments as part of the development of the scheme.

The Scheme Area is the area:

  • within which physical works are proposed to be constructed, accessed and maintained as part of any feasible flood relief scheme;.
  • Areas that are intended to benefit from, and be protected by, any such scheme;
  • Lengths of river channel / watercourse upstream and downstream that are likely to be impacted hydraulically by such scheme.

Issues affecting the scheme area such as tidal effects, groundwater issues, pluvial events, and sewer network issues will be considered and assessed to inform the development of the scheme.

Project Area


Project Area


Postal address: Tralee Flood Relief Scheme  Project Manager - RPS Consulting Engineers, Innishmore, Ballincollig, Co. Cork P31 KR68, Ireland

Telephone: 021 466 5900



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