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Following on from the CFRAM study’s Flood Risk Management Plan, Kerry County Council has commenced a scheme to

  1. Investigate the viability of the existing flood embankment defences
  2. Identify, design and construct solutions and improvements to protect Tralee from flooding 
  3. Develop Public Realm improvements in line with flood defence upgrades

Feedback from the public and interested stakeholders will inform the development of the scheme.  KCC and the OPW ask people to co-operate with our contractors during the works and with our consultants undertaking any studies – the solutions will benefit everybody within Tralee, so it is in all our interests to co-operate with the studies and works being undertaken.


The Project is currently at the early initiation stages. Data is being gathered to inform the development of the concepts. Information gaps will determine the surveys that will be required.  In particular, survey and investigations are being defined to ensure that adequate geotechnical and geometric (topographic, bathymetric, channel and structure dimensions) information is available to allow appropriate engineering design are being defined.

Public consultation days will be scheduled, and dates set. Once the dates and locations have been established, they will be advertised within the local media and the project website in advance of Public consultation.

How, Why, When and Who

The project is in the early stages of its development, and so, project implementation is still underway. A professional engineering and environmental consultant have been appointed and they will lead the technical development of the scheme.

The project will bring many benefits to those who live and work in Tralee. The primary and over-riding benefit will be to reduce future flooding and protect homes and businesses.

The project should have positive impacts in terms of securing insurance and insurance premiums.

Tralee has been subject to flooding dating back to the early 20th century, in recent years, the flood events in Tralee have increase in both intensity and frequency. Currently there are no existing flood risk management arrangements for the AFAs/IRRs within the Tralee - Feale River Basin. The OPW in partnership with the KCC and other local authorities have completed the Tralee Bay – Feal Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) Study. In the study a scheme that has the potential to reduce flood risk in the city to an acceptable level was identified.

This project will undertake a detailed review of the flood relief measures put forward by the OPW and an assessment of the mechanisms of flooding currently facing Tralee. Extensive engineering and environmental analysis that will review the hydrological and geotechnical conditions of the scheme area will be undertaken to confirm and deliver the preferred flood risk management option for Tralee.  A key part of the project brief will be to ensure that due consideration is given to the public realm in the vicinity of the flood defences.

The ultimate goal of the project is to defend Tralee from flooding without damaging its national heritage.

The data gathering in preparation for the technical studies and designs is currently under way having commenced in August 2021.  Construction of the scheme will be undertaken following the completion of the design and consent processes.  It is currently envisaged that construction will commence in 2026, however some advance works may commence ahead of this date. 

The project is being delivered by Kerry County Council in partnership with the OPW.  The Council appointed RPS in August 2021 to provide expertise including in the areas of geotechnical engineering Hydrological and Hydraulic modelling, flood defence design, landscape architecture and public realm design, and environmental studies.



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