Project Timeframe

Stage 1

Options assessment, Scheme Development and Design 


Stage 2

Planning/Development Consent Processes


Stage 3

Work Packages and Tenders for Contracts


Stage 4



Stage 5

Handover of Works



Stage 1 (Part 1) – Options assessment, Scheme Development and Design

  • Carry out the review and assessment of the technical analysis and preferred measures identified in the Shannon Upper & Lower River Basin (UoM25-26) CFRAM Study Reports and the FRMP for Unit of Management No. 25-26.
  • Hydrological and hydraulic modelling, and production of revised mapping, of the existing situation.
  • Geotechnical study of existing embankments within the Scheme area.
  • Identify and undertake all baseline environmental surveys and Site Investigations.
  • Environmental Constraints Study.


Stage 1 (Part 2) – Options assessment, Scheme Development and Design

  • Assessment, including technical, geotechnical, environmental, and economic assessments, and through detailed hydraulic modelling, of potential flood risk management options
  • Selection, development and design of a preferred option
  • Development and design of areas identified for Public Realm enhancement
  • Amalgamation of FRS and Public Realm designs into preferred option (the ‘Scheme’)
  • Natura Impact Study & Environment Impact Assessment Report Screening
  • Produce a Scheme Climate Change Adaptation Plan
  • Identification of Landowners that may be affected by the construction, operation and future maintenance of the Scheme


Stage 1 (Part 3) – Options assessment, Scheme Development and Design 

  • Produce Natura Impact Statement (NIS) and Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR)
  • Produce a Preliminary Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP).
  • Produce Preliminary Buildability and Preliminary Operation & Maintenance Reports


Stage 2 – Planning/Development Consent Processes

  • Provision of all documentation required to progress the Scheme through the necessary planning and other statutory processes (Planning and Development Act 2000 and Arterial Drainage Act 1945).
  • Provision of responses to Further Information or Clarification requests
  • Provision of support at Public Displays and Oral Hearings.
  • Provision of addendums to the Environmental Assessments as a result of the outcomes/conditions of the planning process


Stage 3 (Part 1) – Detailed Construction Design

  • Undertake and complete the detailed construction design of the Scheme.
  • Update or provide addendums to the environmental assessments undertaken in Stage I, and complete any other environmental assessments, consents or surveys
  • Produce a Developed Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)
  • Produce a Developed Buildability Report
  • Produce a Developed Operation & Maintenance Report
  • Prepare Detailed Design Drawings and Specifications


Stage 3 (Part 2) –Work Packages and Tenders for Contracts

  • Determine Construction Work Packages
  • Prepare Tender & Construction Work Packages including Bills of Quantities
  • Prepare Construction Contract Documents using the PWC Forms of Contract and undertake the procurement of the works contractor/s to construct the Scheme, in line with the Capital Works Management Framework
  • Preparation of Tender Report(s)


Stage 4 – Construction

  • Supervise the construction of the Scheme
  • Supervise the construction contract(s) and provide Project Management Services including Employer Representative services


Stage 5 – Handover of Works

  • Commissioning of the completion certificate
  • Finalisation/sign-off of Construction Contracts
  • Provision of the Safety File
  • Produce ‘As-Built’ flood mapping


Postal address:  Limerick City and Environs Flood Relief Scheme  Project Manager - RPS Consulting Engineers, Innishmore, Ballincollig, Co. Cork P31 KR68, Ireland,

Telephone: (021) 4665900



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