May 2022 Update: Geotechnical Investigation, survey updates and more

Geotechnical Investigations 
Limerick City & County Council has recently appointed Priority Geotechnical Ltd to undertake the detailed geotechnical investigations of the existing embankments throughout the scheme area. The geotechnical works began on the 11th of April 2022, and it is planned that the contract will run until September 2022. The site investigation works are currently being undertaken on the embankments that are in the ownership of the Office of Public Works (OPW). The embankments outside the ownership of the OPW require planning consent under the 177AE Planning Application (see below for updates on the 177AE planning application). Resident engineers appointed by RPS are on-site to oversee the geotechnical contract and RPS environmentalists are also present on-site to ensure that exploratory locations do not impede on ecological, cultural and archaeological constraints. The works to be carried out as part of the geotechnical contract include rotary core drilling, cable percussion tests, window sampling and boreholes as well as geophysical surveys. The purpose of the geotechnical works is to examine in detail, the composition of the existing embankments to assess if whether these embankments require upgrade works. 

177AE Planning Application 
The 177AE planning application for the provision of site investigation works on selected locations outside the ownership of the OPW, within Limerick City, its Environs and within County Clare is progressing. In January 2022, Limerick City and County Council submitted an application for approval to An Bord Pleanála (ABP) under section 177AE of the Planning and Development Act 2000. In response to the application, further information was requested by the Development Applications Unit (DAU). As of May 2022, the project team has submitted the requested information and is currently awaiting a decision from ABP in respect of this application. 

Murphy Geospatial has completed undertaking the level surveys of the embankments, river channels and structures. RPS are currently consolidating the survey information recieved. The survey information will be used to inform the geotechnical assessment of the existing embankments and the development of the 1d and 2d hydraulic models.

In late April 2022, Hydrographic Surveys Ltd completed carrying out the Bathymetric Survey for the project.  This survey recorded riverbed levels in the estuary upstream of Shannon Airport and will be used to develop the hydraulic model. 

The project team is currently progressing the CCTV survey contract documentation. The CCTV survey is carried out using CCTV cameras which are inserted into the existing drainage system to provide an in-depth inspection of the current system. Once the documentation has been finalised, the contract can be tendered to progress the commencement of the survey.

Public Realm
Apex Surveys Ltd have been appointed by Limerick City & County Council to undertake the Public Realm Topographical surveys. Apex Surveys began carrying out the Topographical Surveys in early April 2022 and are set to finish at the end of May/ early June. The purpose of this survey is to measure and identify the exact location and specifications of natural and human made features within the areas of Steamboat Quay, Shannon Bridge to Sarsfield Bridge, Honan’s Quay, Arthur’s Quay, Custom House Quay, King John’s Castle, Brown’s Quay & New Road, Clancy Strand and O’ Callaghan Strand. This will provide the RPS Public Realm team with a detailed and accurate picture of the land to help inform suitable designs for the area’s unique features.


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