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The OPW, working in partnership with Kerry County Council and other Local Authorities, commissioned and have completed the Shannon Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) Study. The objectives of the CFRAM Study were to:

  • Identify and map the existing and potential future flood hazard within the CFRAM Study Area,
  • Assess and map the existing and potential future flood risk within the CFRAM Study Area,
  • Identify viable structural and non-structural options and measures for the effective and sustainable management of flood risk in the Areas for Further Assessment (AFAs) and within the CFRAM Study Area as a whole,
  • Prepare a set of Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMPs) for the CFRAM Study Area, and associated Strategic Environmental and, as necessary, Habitats Directive (Appropriate) Assessment, that sets out the policies, strategies, measures and actions that should be pursued by the relevant bodies, including the OPW, Local Authorities and other Stakeholders, to achieve the most cost-effective and sustainable management of existing and potential future flood risk within the Study Area, taking account of environmental plans, objectives and legislative requirements and other statutory plans and requirements.

The Shannon CFRAM Study Area (and the Shannon River Basin District) is made up of six hydrometric areas, these hydrometric areas are grouped into Units of Management (UoMs), Tralee Town and its environs is included in the Tralee Bay-Feale, Hydrometric Area 23 (UoM23). The flood relief measures put forward for Tralee, as identified at the CFRAM level of assessment, include Flood walls & embankments, NRV’s to Outfalls, constructing new diversion channels and increasing the capacity of existing diversion channels, cleaning and maintaining existing watercourses, raising the road to protect the Pier 17 business centre and upgrading the walls adjacent to Windmill lane including the provision of floodgates.

The CFRAM scheme option, along with other potentially viable options, will be subject to further engineering assessment as part of this project. It is worth noting that potential measures identified in the CFRAM option may not form part of the preferred scheme.  

In any case, all potentially viable options will be fully appraised as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment process for the scheme.

All relevant CFRAM Study reports are available, for information purposes, on the website.

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