The Shannon Flood Relief Scheme will be completed in five stages:

Stage I – Options assessment, Scheme Development and Design Part 1
•    Production of a new hydrological and hydraulic model of the existing situation,
•    Production of revised mapping of the existing situation, 
•    Identification and undertaking all baseline environmental surveys.
•    Review and assessment of the technical analysis and preferred measures identified in the Shannon CFRAM Study Reports,  and other relevant reports . 
•    Identification of the optimum pumping regime for each pumping station, including any upgrade works required, replacement, augmentation, etc,
•    Production of Invasive Species Management Plan,
•    Environmental Constraints Study.
•    Assessment, including technical, environmental, and economic assessments, and through detailed hydraulic modelling, of potential flood risk management options,
•    Selection, development and design of a preferred option,
•    NIS & EIAR screening,
•    Scheme Climate Change Adaptation Plan,
•    Identification of all landowners, occupiers, and holders or beneficiaries of rights that may be affected by the construction, operation and future maintenance of the Scheme. 
•    Natura Impact Statement (NIS) and Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR),
•    Preliminary Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) that identifies all foreseeable environmental requirements for both the construction stage and permanent works,
•    Preliminary Buildability and Operation/Maintenance Report.

Stage II – Planning/Development Consent Processes
•    Provision of all documentation required to progress the Scheme through the necessary planning and other statutory processes. These processes shall include Part 8 / Part 10 / Strategic Infrastructure under the Planning and Development Act 2000 (and amendments), Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) of lands for the implementation of the Scheme or access arrangements to lands under Local Authorities (Works) Act 1949, and Section 50 consent under the Arterial Drainage Act 1945.
•    responses to Further Information or Clarification requests,
•    Public Displays and Oral Hearings
•    Environmental Assessments as a result of the outcomes/conditions of the planning process.

Stage III – Detailed Construction Design and Tender
•    Detailed construction design of the Scheme
•    Updates to the environmental assessments
•    Developed Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP),
•    Developed Buildability and Operation/Maintenance Report
•    Tender Drawings, Specifications and Bills of Quantities
•    Construction Contract Documents in line with the Capital Works Management Framework
•    Preparation of Tender Report/s.

Stage IV – Construction
•    Supervision of the Scheme construction
•    Environmental monitoring at construction stage, 

Stage V – Handover of Works
•    Commissioning of the completion certificate,
•    Finalisation/sign-off of Final Account(s),
•    Provision of the Safety File,
•    Produce ‘As-Built’ flood mapping,
•    Provide training and information on the operation & maintenance of the completed Scheme,
•    Defects liability period (12 months).


Postal address: Shannon Flood Relief Scheme Project Manager – RPS Consulting, Lyrr 2, IDA Business and Technology Park, Mervue, Galway, H91 H9CK

Telephone: +353 91 400 200


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