Tipperary County Council as the Lead Authority, in partnership with The Office of Public Works (OPW) are now advancing with Tipperary Bundle 1 – Knocklofty Flood Relief Scheme.

The OPW has recommended the development of a Flood Relief Scheme for Knocklofty as a result of the work completed in the SUIR Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) Study.


This Flood Relief Scheme is part of the €1bn National Fund announced by the Government for Flood Relief Schemes throughout the Country in May 2018. Tipperary County Council are acting as the Lead Authority for the Scheme.

Tipperary County Council commissioned ByrneLooby, to develop and implement a Flood Relief Scheme for Knocklofty. The objective of the scheme is to alleviate the risk of flooding in the Knocklofty area by providing a scheme that is technically, socially, environmentally and economically acceptable.


This website is aimed as a resource for the public, providing information and the latest project developments and will be updated as the scheme progresses.



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