Site Clearance Works to Commence


27th January 2022


It is expected that the main construction contractor for the flood relief scheme will be appointed in the first quarter of this year, with construction works commencing shortly afterwards and continuing for 32 months. The contractor will make every effort to schedule works so that conflict and disruption to to the public is kept to a minimum, although with the programme of works involved minor disruption cannot be avoided.


As part of this scheme, site clearance works need to be carried out in the coming weeks, during February 2022. Some tree felling is necessary in certain areas of the project as part of these early works. Every effort has been made to minimise the impact and an ecologist will be on site monitoring the works. As part of the wider flood relief project, native tree species will be planted and an extensive hedgerow and wildflower planting programme is also planned to further enhance biodiversity. The OPW & Cork City Council will also work with the local community to identify further opportunities for tree planting and biodiversity enhancement in the area. 


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