Japanese Knotweed Treatment – Glashaboy FRS


May 2017


Cork County Council have sought tenders from a number of specialist Contractors to carry out Japanese Knotweed Advance Treatment Works along the Glashaboy River. It is anticipated that a Contractor will be appointed within the coming weeks.

These Advance Treatment Works are programmed to take place in late Summer 2017, with an initial survey to be carried out by the Contractor in advance of the treatment works. This initial survey will allow for identification and treatment of any new stands (within the study area) which may have developed since last year’s treatment works. The works will take place on lands along the Glashaboy River, including the John O’Callaghan Park, a number of Mill Races, the Bleach Hill Stream and the Butlerstown Stream.

Once appointed, the contractor will require access to lands in order to survey and subsequently treat Japanese Knotweed. Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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