Cork Boundary Change


April 2019


The Glashaboy and Douglas Flood Relief Scheme areas will transfer into the administrative area of Cork City Council, with effect from midnight on 31 May 2019, due to the boundary extension. Staff in both Cork County Council and Cork City Council have been working together over the past number of months to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. From the date of transfer, any contracts or agreements that Cork County Council have entered into will be novated to Cork City Council (i.e. Cork County Council will be replaced by Cork City Council in these agreements). This means that Cork City Council will be the Client and the Lead Authority for the Flood Relief Schemes, acting on behalf of the OPW. In order to provide continuity, Cork County Council will continue to act as Project Coordinators for the schemes, providing this service to Cork City Council. This means that Cork County Council staff, who have been involved in the projects from the outset, will continue to support Cork City Council in delivering these projects.

If you have a query in relation to the transfer of the flood schemes, or about the flood relief schemes in general, please use the project specific contact details on this website, and your query will be answered by the appropriate member of the project team.


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