Project Programme


The project will comprise five stages, as set out below:

Stage I

Development of a number of flood defence options and the identification of a preferred Scheme, and the design of a Flood Forecasting System

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Stage II

Public Exhibition of Scheme

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Stage III

Detailed Design, Confirmation and Tender

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Stage IV and V

Construction and Handover of the Works

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The Office of Public Works through the Arterial Drainage Acts has submitted the proposal for the Blackpool Flood Relief Scheme to the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform for formal Confirmation. The Minister will, over the coming months, undertake an environmental assessment of the proposed scheme. This assessment will be in line with required legislative requirements and will involve a public consultation. The appointment of a Contractor for this scheme will be progressed following formal Ministerial Confirmation. 

The scheme will be funded from within the allocated €1 billion for flood risk management over the period 2018 - 2027. Provision for the cost of the Scheme is included in the Office of Public Works' multi capital allocation. 


Stage I – Scheme Development

  • Assessment and development of a Scheme for Blackpool, to allow the design flood event along the Bride and its tributaries to provide protection against flooding from fluvial and pluvial sources. 
  • Carrying out a Constraints Study to identify the key environmental issues in the study area, which may be impacted upon by possible flood alleviation measures, and/or which may impose constraints on the viability and/or design of one or more measures
  • Preparation of an initial Appropriate Assessment Screening Statement
  • Public consultation, including public information days. The purpose of the first public information day will be to seek initial views from the public and other interested parties in relation to the key issues that the study should address, and to highlight points of local importance to inform the design of potential flood alleviation measures. The purpose of the second public information day will be to gather views of the public about the preferred scheme option in advance of the formal exhibition stage. 

Stage II – Public Exhibition

  • Public Exhibition of the Scheme in accordance with the requirements of the Arterial Drainage Acts, where the public's view of the proposals will be ascertained. 
  • Consideration of observations received from the public and the making of possible amendments to the Scheme. 
  • Preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Scheme.

Stage III – Detailed Design, Confirmation and Tender

  • Undertaking the detailed design of the final preferred scheme.
  • Confirmation of the Scheme by the Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform.
  • Preparation of Contract Documents and undertaking the procurement of a works contractor to construct the Scheme. 

Stages IV and V – Construction and Handover of the Works 


Study Area

The study area consists of:

All areas potentially prone to flooding from the River Bride and its tributaries from Kilnup Viaduct to its confluence with the River Lee in Cork City.

Additional areas where works may potentially be carried out to assist with provision of flood relief measures in the areas described above.


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