Public and Stakeholder Engagement

In accordance with the 1949 Local Authorities (Works) Act, Kildare County Council will engage with the public on the proposed Naas Flood Relief Scheme.

In order to involve stakeholder’s opinion on the project, two public consultation days will be held. The purpose of the first public information day will be to seek initial views from the public and other interested parties in relation to the key issues that the study should address, and to highlight points of local importance to inform the design of potential flood alleviation measures. The purpose of the second public information day will be to gather views of the public about the developed scheme options in advance of the formal exhibition stage.


Key Public Consultation Dates

Public Consultation Day 1

Constraints Stage

April 2022

Further details to be advised

Consultation Day 2

Preferred Scheme

Date to be advised

Public Exhibition

Public Display of proposed scheme

Date to be advised


Postal address: Naas Flood Relief Scheme Project Manager - Arup, 50 Ringsend Road, Dublin

Telephone: +353 1 233 4455



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