Togher Construction Update - July 2020 

Over the last month, a series of diversions have been completed along Togher Road:

  • 220m of the trunk main have been drilled and pipe is in place.
  • Installation of foul line section nearly completed.

Togher Road has been closed to traffic for a 6 week period, from Monday 22nd June and will reopen on 31st July. Access for residents is being fully accommodated. Notification letters have been sent in advance to all the businesses and residents affected by the road closure. It is also advertised with three VMS signs located at the three entrances to the site.

The remaining works to be completed include:

  • Drilling of 110m of the trunk watermain, including connection valves and testing.
  • Completion of storm system and connection to discharging point.
  • Drilling of 30m of Gas Main along Togher Road.
  • Finalisation of underground ESB diversion.
  • Reinstatement of road and footpaths surfaces.

Ward & Burke, Arup, the Office of Public Works, Cork City & County Councils wish to express their thanks to the people and businesses of Togher for their patience and continued support throughout the scheme. We hope you are keeping safe.




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