August 2020 Scheme Update


This is the fifth update of 2020 for the Douglas Flood Relief Scheme.

Adhering to government guidance, works recommenced on May 18th.

The second stage of public realm works, including public plaza's, benching and walkway in Douglas Community Park have commenced and are nearing completion. 

The Ballybrack stream has been diverted temporarily to facilotate in-stream channel works in Ravensdale.

The remaining works to be completed include:

  • Flood Defence works in Ravensdale
  • Completion of Community Park and Church Road public realm works 
  • Tree planting in Community Park and along Church Road plaza
  • Reinstatement of private lands
  • Church Road public realm works
  • Installation of culverts along Ravensdale

McGinty & O'Shea, Arup, the Office of Public Works, Cork City & County Councils again wish to express their thanks to the people and businesses of Douglas for their patience and continued support throughout the scheme. We hope you are keeping safe during this time. 



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