Public and Stakeholder Engagement

Public and Stakeholder Engagement (Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, 2020)

The scheme has now proceeded through further hydraulic modelling and detailed design.  The scheme has been submitted to the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform for Confirmation.  As part of this process, it is necessary to engage in a further round of statutory consultation.

Public and Stakeholder Engagment (OPW, 2014-2019)

The original preferred scheme included a walled solution through Crossmolina town, and a public information day was held for this option in 2014. At this stage only preliminary investigations had taken place, and once more detailed investigations took place, it became apparent that the Jack Barrett Bridge in Crossmolina Town was structurally unstable, and would need to be replaced if it was to be incorporated into flood defences. In addition to this, the public and interested parties advised that they would be in favour of an alternative to the proposed wall solution.

In light of this, other potential options were explored and assessed, and a new preferred option was identified. This option includes diversion channel, which will intercept excess flood waters prior to it reaching the town, and divert the water directly into Lough Conn, where the River Deel ultimately empties.

The formal Public Exhibition was held in May/June 2018, with a total of over 100 attendees over this period, along with 10 written submissions. Following consideration of all submissions, it was deemed that no significant changes were required to the scheme.

Key Public Consultation Dates

Consultation Day 1


June 2014

Crossmolina Town Hall

Consultation Day 2


8th April 2016

Crossmolina Town Hall

Public Exhibition


21st May - 22nd June 2018

Crossmolina Town Hall, Crossmolina Library, and Mayo County Council Offices, Castlebar. 


Postal address: Crossmolina Flood Relief Scheme Project Manager, Office of Public Works, 52 St. Stephen's Green, Dublin 2, D02 DR67.

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