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The OPW, working in partnership with Cavan County Council and other Local Authorities, commissioned and have completed the North Western-Neagh Bann Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) Study. The objectives of the CFRAM Study were to:

  • Identify and map the existing and potential future flood hazard within the CFRAM Study Area.
  • Assess and map the existing and potential future flood risk within the CFRAM Study Area.
  • Identify viable structural and non-structural measures and options for the effective and sustainable management of flood risk within the North Western-Neagh Bann CFRAM study area as a whole.
  • Prepare a set of Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMPs) for the CFRAM Study Area, and associated Strategic Environmental and, as necessary, Habitats Directive (Appropriate) Assessment, that sets out the policies, strategies, measures and actions that should be pursued by the relevant bodies, including the OPW, Local Authorities and other Stakeholders, to achieve the most cost-effective and sustainable management of existing and potential future flood risk within the Study Area, taking account of environmental plans, objectives and legislative requirements and other statutory plans and requirements.

The North Western-Neagh Bann CFRAM Study Area included Cavan Town as an Area for Further Assessment (AFA), and concluded that a flood relief scheme would be viable and effective for the community. The viable Scheme option for Cavan Town, as identified at the CFRAM level of assessment, can be summarised as comprising mainly of a series of flood embankments and walls.

To progress the scheme to the next stage, Ayesa have been commissioned to develop and implement a Flood Relief Scheme for Cavan Town. The project will not be limited to the recommendations of the CFRAM study and will appraise, at project specific level of detail, all potential flood relief measures to ensure the most suitable scheme is developed. 

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Cavan County Council, supported by a Steering Group including the Office of Public Works, has commissioned Ayesa to develop and implement a Flood Relief Scheme for Cavan Town. The project comprises of five stages:


Stage 1 – Option Assessment, Scheme Development and Design

  • Hydrometric and Environmental Surveys
  • Hydrological and Hydraulic Analysis of the watercourses
  • Flood relief options appraisal and selection
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Public Consultation

Stage 2 – Planning/ Development Consent

  • Planning Application Process, or
  • Public Exhibition

Stage 3 – Detailed Construction Design and Tender

  • Detailed structural design of Final Option
  • Ministerial Confirmation
  • Tendering for construction services

Stage 4 – Construction Supervision

Stage 5 – Handover of Works



Postal address: Ayesa, Building 2100, Cork Airport Business Park, Kinsale Road, Cork. T12 KV8R

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