Public and Stakeholder Engagement

To successfully complete this project the public and all key stakeholder will be consulted. 

We invite residents, businesses and interested parties to engage with the Project Team. We would still like to hear about your experience on past floods. Pictures/ Videos of the day/ night of any previous floods you have experienced will be informative to us. 

At this early stage we welcome any thoughts on possibilities and limitations for a Flood Relief Scheme so we can take your views into account as we start to develop the scheme options. 

The first Public Engagement Event will be hosted on this site due to Covid-19 restrictions. Further information of the event will be provided here when available.

Key Public Consultation Dates

Public Engagement Event 1

Public Engagement Event

Date: 8th November to 6th December 2021

Location: Online

Public Engagement Event 2

Exhibition of Preferred Scheme

Date: to be confirmed

Location: to be confirmed


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